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On-going — up to 10, Avios with home, business or landlord insurance. On-going — up to , Avios for joining Citigold Wealth Management.

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On-going — up to , Avios for joining Citigold Expat. If you need to buy Avios to top up your account, the ba. These convert into 10, Avios points. The card is FREE for the first year and you can cancel at any time.

My full review of Amex Gold is here. These convert into 35, Avios points. My full review of Amex Platinum is here. The card is FREE. My full review of the free BA Amex is here. These convert into 10, Avios. My full review of the Starwood Amex is here. You can also earn Avios via other credit cards either directly or by converting the points to Avios indirectly. This article explains all of your options for earning Avios from a credit card. If you own your own small business, I strongly recommend looking at the Capital On Tap Avios payment cards.

You can earn 20, Avios as a sign-up bonus. Click for full details including a special bonus for HFP readers. Heathrow Rewards is the Heathrow Airport shopping loyalty scheme. Details are here. If you want to know more about the latest Tesco Clubcard bonus point offers, you should follow our sister site Shopper Points. Head for Points Maximise your Avios and frequent flyer miles. Home About New to Avios? How to earn more Avios points — quickly! Top short term Avios promotions: You can regularly buy Avios for 1. Earning Avios via Tesco Clubcard: If you want to know more about the latest Tesco Clubcard bonus point offers, you should follow our sister site Shopper Points.

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If you are new to the site, I recommend reading our latest news stories , our 'Beginners' page and my list of favourite older articles. Join our 35, social media followers:. What can you do with Amex Membership Rewards points? You can spend and collect Avios points with all these schemes, so join all four to access more offers and availability of flights.

Points are usually worth the same, regardless of scheme, and can be freely transferred between them. It just gives you more opportunities to boost and use your points. You can move or pool Avios between them at any time, log in to the Avios scheme you want to put the points in, go to your account and click 'combine your Avios'. On British Airways, off-peak means outside the longer private school holiday periods. While we've said above you need fewer points off-peak, if you have to travel during peak times Avios can be good value, assuming you book early enough to find the offers.

Going at a peak time will cost you , points it's 65, off-peak. If you're saving for a particular trip, you can use Avios points towards the cost and cut the price of the ticket. But if you're weighing up whether to use Avios now or save them for a later trip, the cash price for the same flight will determine whether it's worth using the points. If you find a flight that doesn't cost much more than the taxes and charges for using Avios points, it may be best to save the points.

To show where it may be best to save Avios points for later, we found the following return flight costs we chose economy class, direct flights where possible and peak travel times :. Using your points for long-haul business flights allows you to fly in style and bag lounge-passes , which for many is unaffordable booking by cash. In business, it's generally twice the number of economy class points needed for a European flight, three times for the rest of the world.

Taxes and charges are also higher, but nothing like the enormous jump if paying fully in cash. Here are some examples of how much bigger the jump between economy and business can be when you pay in cash, compared to Avios points:. London to Cape Town. London to New York. Do note that business class within Europe called Club Europe is nothing like it is in Club World — you won't get a flat bed, so weigh up if you want to use so many points for a short flight. British Airways only flies to Europe from London, so if you're coming from elsewhere in the UK, you need to connect via London, and you'll be charged in Avios points and taxes for both journeys.

For a return you'll pay for four journeys. The number of Avios points you need depends on where you're flying, the cabin class you fly in and when you go. The old Avios scheme divided the world into geographical zones — these determined the number of points you'd pay.

How Do You Use Avios for American Airlines Domestic Flights?

While these zones no longer exist, the number of points needed for each destination doesn't appear to have changed. Here are some examples:.

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So some destinations are still better value than others in terms of distance flown, and the cost of paying the cash price for your flight. So play around with destinations to see how much you can save. We've listed some popular destinations below to show the range of points needed when flying from London. Booking a one-way flight on the likes of British Airways can be expensive.

But using Avios points is a good way not to get fleeced.

AirMiles rebrands as Avios to meet global strategic aims – Marketing Week

Unlike when you pay cash, the cost of using Avios points to go one-way is simply half the number of points required for a return trip. Taxes can vary however. For trips to Europe, it's simply half the cost of a return trip. But with longer-haul flights, the amount you pay in taxes and charges is more complicated to work out - it depends on the distance and airport you're departing from, as some charge more than others.

Transfer Amex Membership Rewards to Avios with a 40% Bonus

As you can usually get a decent value one-way ticket to Europe on a budget airline, it may be cheapest to book one leg with Avios, one with a budget airline. We've crunched the numbers on the big Avios credit cards to find the best way to earn points while you spend. This can significantly boost your Avios stash, simply for doing everyday spending on one.

Just do normal spending on the credit card, instead of your debit card, and set up a direct debit to repay in full so you never forget. If you fail to pay in full you're charged the standard APR which is likely to kibosh the points gain. These are credit cards, so you'll need to pass a credit check to get them. These cards are a tool to get you rewards and we rate them based on that. If you need to borrow too, you're far better off focusing on getting the lowest interest rates — that'll save you much more money. Don't think you can use your frequent flyer miles for any flight, any time.

There's far less availability using miles than paying in cash so your destination may be booked up when you need it. If you're a regular flyer and that happens, just hold the points for next time. Multiple searches on your credit file can damage future applications, so if you think you'll need to apply for important credit soon — such as a mortgage — consider holding off applying for one of these cards to spread out your applications.

These usually allow you to take someone with you, in the same cabin as you, for no extra points, though they'll have to pay taxes and charges. If you go long-haul business-class, so do they.

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Our top pick is the Amex Preferred Gold card. As mentioned, specialist credit cards are the top way to boost Avios and at the basic level simply involve doing everyday spending on the card, then paying it off in full every month. They'll get boosted bonus points after the trigger spend too — 2, extra on the Amex Gold making the total 12, , and an extra 1, on the BA Amex and BA Premium Plus 6, and 26, in total. This is on top of the usual points you'd earn for everyday spending. For the Amex Preferred Gold card, your bonus Membership Rewards points will appear in your Amex account, and you'll need to convert them to Avios points before cancelling your card, otherwise you'll lose them.

If you have a card that offers a companion ticket, it's worth waiting until you have the companion voucher before spending your points, as you get much better value from them.